Frequent Asked Questions & Answers

Is training safe?

Yes. Our trainers take the safety of the exercisers very seriously, and the training is under constant supervision. Of course, your training program has been designed to guarantee the possibility of training defense techniques safely for you and your fellow trainers. We train wisely and use basic protective equipment. Therefore, in Autodefence training there is a much lower risk of injury than in several common sports.

I've never heard of Autodefence before. Is it similar to karate or self-defence?

We have been teaching this method for over 30 years, but only recently it has come to be known under this name. your life. It is far from a "quick course of self-defense" or ancient martial arts. It is fast, prompt, encouraging and uses technical skills that will improve your reflex reactions. The exercise is designed for all ages. Frequent repetitions ensure quick exercise and fun.

It may happen that I will not be able to attend regular trainings.

Your entire schedule is divided into thirteen programs, and each program contains a certain number of workouts. You will have your own program card to record all the workouts you have completed. Thanks to this, if you miss one workout, you can continue where you left off – no problems.

I may be able to walk once a week. Will it be a problem?

No, because you are moving at your own pace. But still, to get the most out of your training, your teacher can suggest a training to complete the missed lessons.

I've never trained before. I'm afraid I'll feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

Every practitioner at the beginning felt like you are now. Luckily, we are aware of this, so everyone who decides to join us will be provided with a personal assistant to help them learn the basics (I would rather say: will be supported not only by the coach, but also by more experienced trainees with different degrees of skills and knowledge). This will ensure that you feel confident in performing the movements accurately and that you will gain as much knowledge as possible for further training sessions. You will also find that your fellow trainees will support you immensely (just as you will support novice trainees in the future) [it recalls what suggested above]. Also, there is an opportunity to train privately if it suits you better.

Do I need to get extra fitness before I start exercising?

If you have enough strength to come to the gym, you will have enough strength to learn self-defense.

How do I know if this is really what I was looking for?

We offer to all new trainees a non-binding free introduction. This training includes a brief consultation (to find out what you want to gain from the training) and information about our services. Then your assigned teacher will show you a few simple exercises for your hands and feet. Finally, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have come across the training.

Can I come with a friend?

Gladly! We encourage everyone to bring in friends as well, with whom you can practice between lessons.

Can I come to just watch?

Unfortunately the presence of viewers distracts the practitioners, hence the club does not allow viewers upon discussed exceptions.

How long should I train?

It depends on the intensity of your training, however we know from our own experience that our trainees are able to confidently handle confrontation after only two months of training.

How much does it cost?

It depends on how fast you want to learn. Public trainings have reasonable prices and are discounted if you train more than once a week. If you want to learn faster, then we recommend private trainings.

How to start?

Just call tel. no. +421 949 438 153 or write an e-mail or come in person for training.

Other questions can be answered personally.