Translation of English members:

"I like the way Autodefence is clearly organized." The materials received by the new members explain the origin and teaching very well. I believe that regular participation will allow me and my family to make progress in a clearly defined and well-instructed skills ladder. I was very impressed by the way in which the trainer explains the theoretical principles in practical training. In my opinion, Autodefence is a method of self-defense of the highest degree and deserves the attention of an individual or organization that is looking for a fully integrated training without unnecessary embellishments and pendants.

Richard S, Norwich

"I like the friendly atmosphere and also the fact that warming up is not too tiring!"

Amy S, Norwich

“I was looking for something that I can learn quickly and that is also extremely effective. The basic principles predetermine Autodefence as an excellent system for self-defense. ”

Dion G, Norwich

Like most exercisers, I started attending workouts without any knowledge of Autodefence. I quickly discovered that the Autodefence team is a group of very diligent and enthusiastic individuals. The method is a well-presented detailed system of personal defense of an individual in today's modern society. The teacher leads the exerciser where he wants to go, whether he wants to learn the basics of self-defense, fitness training or he wants to become a coach himself ”.

Terry P, Norwich

"I started in 1998 after a style of martial arts that didn't impress me much. In my first lesson, the trainer was able to easily present the effectiveness of the Method. I was obsessed with it after the first lesson! What makes Autodefence truly unique is that each student has their own card and follows their own pace, so the training is tailored to each student. Although we train in a classroom environment, the training resembles many private lessons at the same time, with the teacher supervising us all. Even after years, I am fascinated by it. ”

Brett P, Norwich

“Autodefence is definitely a self-defense system for thinking people. If you are looking for an intelligent and modern way of effective learning, then this is for you. Autodefence is taught in a surprisingly relaxing way and it is an excellent training for the body and it will definitely train even the old gray matter! ”

Jeff W, Warrington

Slovak members:

"Every martial art is effective, it just depends on where, what and how many opponents you face ... it takes many years to master some martial systems. They teach a lot of unnecessary techniques, some even have rules in combat, forbidden blows or techniques and therefore, no defense is taught against them ... who will forbid your adversaries from kicking you in the crotch ?! The self-defense has a sophisticated system of techniques without unnecessary movements in order to eliminate or get rid of the opponent (s) and I don't even have to be a 100-kilo muscle. But it all depends mainly on the exerciser ... '

Jaro Hladik, Bratislava

"Excellent touch"

unnamed, SBS

"My opinion on the performance in the evening boj.umení in Bratislava 23.4.2005:
absolutely honestly: - if I, as a layman, should choose my defense for myself, I would definitely choose you ... I really liked your performance, you chose excellent music and from the demonstration of the technique it was clear to see that even without the use of "extraordinary force", muscles, kicks, punches, etc. you can neutralize the opponent ... that you just have to be fast, agile, master the technique and of course think ... it was really interesting and in my opinion it's really a "modern" defense technique "for everyone" ... and I'm glad that this zuzka also has a certain opinion ... so I, as a modern woman, would definitely choose you for myself ... and your clothes would also enhance the "modernity" of this defense system ... I would say that your system is "directly tailored" for "modern intellectuals" .... ”

mother of Zuzka Ch., Bratislava

"Personally, I think that everyone should do something that will fill them and give them the feeling that they are not living empty. I have already found it, they are BU and specifically Autodefence-Wing Tchun. This club, where I train, is good mainly due to my personal approach, realistic training + removal of fear in a real battle. Furthermore, mainly for the purpose of teaching weapons - luk dim boon kwun and bart charm dao. "

Peto, Bratislava

Wing Tchun is unique of its kind in the world. It's the only martial "art". "Art" because it takes a bit of skill to master it, and at the same time it is no problem to master it, science, art. WT is a clear, effective, fast, adaptable, sophisticated and, in my opinion, the only means of self-defense that the system has. It makes sense.
When I started, I was outraged. Little space, no extra power, no unnecessary showing off. As quickly as the conflict broke out, so quickly it was over. I didn't know why. But now I understand, I see, I feel ... And I think.

Martin T, Trnava

What Wing Tchun gives me cannot be described in a few sentences, but at the same time it is possible, because it can express the essence of Wing Tchun.
It is a lengthy process, the nature and meaning of which one realizes very soon.
I feel the power of my words, through movements. It's not about winning unequal combat, it's about realizing that I can face something.
This is not a story about low kicks and exceptional chain strikes. It is a resistance to monopoly superiority, to all those who use force, as the only way to present themselves.
The truth is that the wrong people have at their disposal, so protect yourself! Autodefence

Matúš N., Autodefence Trnava